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Winter wanderings

With a surprise early finish at work, a fresh covering of snow on the hills and a fair weather forecast, it was not a day to be wasted so as soon as i got home it was time to grab the winter rucksack, camera equipment and take to the hills with Caileag in an attempt to get high enough onto the ridge to watch the sun set behind the snowy wildnerness of the Arran Mountains.

I was torn between nipping up the short but steep North ridge of Caisteal Abhail to the summit or head to the bealach between Cir Mhor and A'Chir but I decided to get my boots on the ground quicker rather than drive around to North Glen Sannox and headed up Glen Rosa to the lower but scenic bealach at around 600m.

The shelter of Glen Rosa kept us out the biting cold wind and the afternoon sun shone brightly lighting up the high summits and projecting large shadows across the lower Coire's.

We were treated to the Rescue helicopter (AW189) doing some training on the Summit of Goatfell and then sweep out and fly by over the top of us.

We were just about at the bealach at this point so pushed on to see where they were headed.

As we reached the high point, winter hit us abruptly and the bitter cold wind was enough to penetrate through my winter jacket and trousers.

Extra gloves and duvet jacket made it bearable and i think Caileag was happier with her extra winter jacket layer too.

We didn't hang about long in this exposed location but made enough time to witness some beautiful and dramatic weather coming in across the Western Hills as the sun became low in the sky and we also managed to see the Rescue helcopter dangle a winchman down onto the summit of Caisteal Abhail before flying off back to base

As we made a retreat back down to Fionn Choire for a cup of coffee and some shelter out the wind the skies became angry and grey and i was pleased we had made the route decision we did.

Winter is here once again and what a magical time to be in the mountains and witness the changeable weather conditions.


Goweather Forecast
Goweather Forecast

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