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Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Last month i had the absolute pleasure of getting the chance to photograph some good friends at the end of their wedding weekend on the summit of Goatfell.

A small group of us set off from Cladach at around half five in the evening and hiked the tourist route up Arran's highest.

It's always a lovely time of night to head up into the hills at this time of year as most people have left and the light can be just so incredible to watch as it pulls lower and lower towards the horizon.

My friends had an amazing weekend celebrating their marriage and I really wanted to give them a special gift of some memorable photos.

The idea of this had been sown during previous adventures up the mountains and although tired from a big weekend, they were still up for it.

It was an added challenge for us all lugging the grooms kilt and jacket but we took it in turns to carry( Many hands make light work) the wedding dress was thankfully light as a feather.

We all reached the summit in good time and there was a lovely surprise of a full banquet from the grooms mum who had secretly lugged food and a bottle of champagne in her rucksack.

Sunset was a few hours away but all we wanted was some nice low lighting as the sun was getting low to achieve some natural effects.

The most amazing thing happened after changing into the wedding outfits. A soft mist rolled in causing the light to become muted and soft and the yellow hues and layers of mountain tops gave one of the most outstanding backdrops i could have imagined, just on cue.

The bride and groom looked absolutely beautiful as the sun caught them and the light breeze blew their clothing giving a great feeling of the mountain environment that they were stood in.

We had an extremely lucky hour taking shots from different places around the summit until finally the mist rolled in thick, it got desperately cold and it was time to descend.

An incredible evening for a beautiful couple <3

Here are a few of my favourite shots....

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ferguson


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