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Life starts when you put on your trail shoes

As I put on my favourite running shoes to venture out for a run in the cold, crisp December air, what were once a brand new pair of Berghaus vapor claws are now a pair of well worn,well travelled trail shoes that can tell a good story or two.

Spring this year brought with it a chance in a lifetime for me to experience a year that I will never forget.

Myself and five others were chosen to be part of an amazing team of runners for trail team 2014 who were kindly kitted out with brand new gear from Berghaus, provided with products and nutrition advise from Torq fitness to keep us fuelled and given a top notch head torch from LED Lenser so we could train morning, day or night.

In the summer we were whisked off to the outdoor paradise that is Chamonix and spent three days running around the mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland meeting amazing people and sharing our passions for trail running.

It’s safe to say that every one of us took something magical away from that trip that would inject our training and goals for the rest of the year!

I have truly been blown away by everyone’s achievements following that trip and I think when people can get together, learn from and inspire each other, something really special happens!

We are all capable of achieving more than we think and being in the mountains and pushing those boundaries for me is a constant challenge that makes me happy and fulfilled.

Trail team 2014 has shown me that anyone, no matter how experienced, can achieve great things and I think the way people can simply talk about their experiences and inspire so many is a wonderful thing!

I’m really excited to see those lucky souls who get to experience this chance of a lifetime in 2015 and look forward to hearing more inspiring stories and achievements.

Life starts with a pair of trail shoes, just put them on and see where they can take you!


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