Aim for the sky

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Going through the mandatory kit list two nights before the Salomon “Ring Of Steall” race sums up how un-organised i had been in the preparation for my first Sky race and the biggest run of my life but luckily i had all the kit i needed so no need to panic?!

Last year i took part in the VK race up Na Gruagaichean which takes place on the Friday night of the Glencoe Skyline weekend and although it was an immense race in itself, watching my brother cross the finish line of the Ring Of Steall the following day and not sharing the experience with him really gutted me!

I had entered the Ring Of Steall earlier that year but ended up doing my usual of talking myself out of it, telling myself that it was way above my capabilities and that with the small injury i had, i would have no time to train properly in time for the race.

I regret that run, said no-one ever” but that feeling of regret from not running a dream race stays with you and i told myself that i would 100% be taking part in the 2017 event!

As soon as the 2017 entries opened  i was on the case and was so happy to get my place before they all sold out. This year i was going to train hard and do this race!

Fast Forward 8 months and there i was standing on the start line surrounded by some very fit looking athletes and here’s me thinking, what the hell am i doing here!!

My year of “hard training” had consisted of some hill runs in preparation for our local Goatfell race in May, some very sparse hill interval sessions and a few longer forestry runs. Not ideal to say the least but things in my life very rarely go to plan!

Luckily i had